For us, there is only the trying. The rest is not our business.”               – T.S. Elliot


This is such a challenging quote for me. Too often, most often, I think and think and think about the best course of action with “best” being judged by having the best outcomes. When the “best” choice isn’t apparent, I resign myself to inaction, to being busy – so busy I don’t have time to waste on considering the “best” option –  with whatever is in front of me: work, hobbies, family etc. This quote, though, is right. Life should be an adventure with open-ended possibilities.

I use the word “should be” because most of us would rather have stability and security in the form of the predictability of ready made life paths than having to figure out existing as we go. This attitude, though, guarantees that the general malaise of the past 125 years will continue. The promise of pursuing the American Dream or seeking the typical routine of the various life stages was that life would fulfilling if the goal was reached, but this simply hasn’t been true. If, then, we have the courage to get off the treadmill of “living the good life,” what are we to do? This leads us back to the quote: “For us, there is only trying. The rest is not our business.”

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