What is truth…an example

There are two people who read this blog each week (thank you!). When I say two, I don’t mean two who read it each week and some who read it from time to time. I mean, that for the past three weeks, the blog has literally two different viewers. I mention this not for pity but as a lead in to an example of truth I came across this week – truth is lived outside of the view of the public.


The poem above was written by Gerard Manly Hopkins. He’s considered one of the greatest poets, yet none of his work was published during his life. He exemplifies the quality of truth we’re discussing. Truth is worth living for its own sake. None of his poems were famous when he wrote them, but the work of writing, rewriting, etc was still worth doing. Truth always demands a response in my daily life. It is the reward, the goal in and of itself. Far too often in today’s culture, the only thing worth doing well is what can bring money or an audience or what is done out of fear. The challenge of Hopkins’ life is to work without having an impact, without changing the world. Hopkins clearly found truth because he was willing to gamble his existence without ever seeing an outcome which would confirm his wager. We, too, should we seek truth should look for it in what we do in private, in secret. It is the hidden parts of our life where truth resides.

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