Hidden Jesus

It’s remarkable how Jesus rarely gave proof to back up what he said. He performed miracles, of course, but these were done mostly in private for a small number of witnesses.  He walked on water and only a handful of people saw it. He raised a twelve year old girl from the dead in front of five witnesses. He fed more than five thousand people using only a few fish and loaves in a way that even his disciples were unaware of how he did it. News of these miracles spread from word of mouth. Right up to his death, people demanded a sign from Jesus to confirm what they had heard about him.

In a similar way, Jesus doesn’t offer much analysis about his teachings. He makes a statement and lets it stand on its own. He claims that the gentle will inherit the earth, that being like God means loving our enemies, that the only way to have a secure life is to hear and obey his teachings, but he provides little evidence to prove these ideas? In fact, he adds so little commentary to his teachings that even his most sincere followers have difficulty understanding what he meant half the time.

It would be a stretch to say that I understand the reason for Jesus’ embrace of the incognito, but here are a few possibilities…

1. It reveals his character. Human logic always insists God is all powerful, untouched by humans. What better to dispel that idea than to live and work in secret?

2. It keeps our freedom as an individual intact. Jesus calls each of us personally. He want us heart, soul mind and strength without being forced into it.

3. It allows us to seek him, to be part of an open-ended, life long adventure.

4. Most humans live and die in secret, unknown to the rest of humanity. In embracing humanity, he took on this aspect of our existence.

Why do you think he chose to be so secretive?



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