We are all slaves. Entrapped in the plans of nameless strangers in corporate board rooms and political offices and in the expectations of the people closest to us – our families, friends, neighbors, co-workers, bosses etc. Does a second go by where we are outside the designs someone has on how we spend our time?

It starts simple enough with a plan, there’s a problem to be solved, an income earned or a self that needs improving.. We begin with the end in mind, figure out where we are starting and take stock of the resources around us. In this abstraction, we wildly oversimplify to make life fit neatly into our thinking. As we create plans and expectations for our spouse and children, countless other people and groups are working their schemes on us. From the breakfast we eat, to the websites we visit, in our offices at work and on the roads we drive, we play a role in someone’s strategic plan. Everywhere and at every time, we are being prodded and molded to fit the pattern of someone’s designs. Alone, isolated, a single plan is innocuous, but weighed together, they enforce a slavery more total than any the world has ever known.

These plans can produce amazing results, but they are the opposite of how God revealed himself in Jesus. Jesus described himself as meek and humble and he invited us to learn from him. When we learn to let go of our own aims and the aims of others around us in favor of a life of simple love of the people we meet, we will understand how his “yoke is easy and his burden is light.”  This year give the gift of freedom by allowing those nearest to you to simply be. Exist in their lives without pretensions, without aims or objectives, without efficiency, without judgement.


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